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Solutioncy, the innovation of consultancy

The problem

Implementing agencies are often supported by external consultancy firms. These firms are focused on helping the client, the implementing agency, in their service provision to the market. However, the foundation of this consultancy is quicksand, and with an hourly-invoice-mentality, these consultancy firms have an interest in maintaining this quicksand. After all, they do not want to make themselves superfluous. In short, the revenue business model of consultancy firms is one of the main causes of the red tape.


With SixBlocks solution, consultancy firms have the opportunity to base their work on a solid foundation. That’s because these agencies employ very smart professionals with the right intrinsic motivation to really help the client, the implementing agencies.

The Exceed expectations-principle of SixBlocks solution is based on one way of thinking and working for all changes that are relevant to the implementing agencies. This means that these smart professionals add concrete value and deliver solutions to the implementing agencies, instead of hours. We therefore refer to the transfer of this revolutionary change of thinking and working as solutioncy


We want to guarantee the highest quality solutioncy to the implementing agencies. That’s why we give the SixBlocks Solutioncy Academy topmost priority; we share the SixBlocks solution’s ‘unique recipe’ down to the very last detail with our strategic business partners. They will then share that recipe with the business partners, who in turn hand it over to the implementing agencies. In this way everyone is involved and mutual coaching and inspiration takes place. 


The umbrella SixBlocks Solutioncy Academy periodically certifies the strategic business partners and business partners, in order to maintain the quality of the solutioncy. New innovative initiatives are continuously being introduced, in which everyone inspires each other to reach ever higher levels.


The SixBlocks Solutioncy Academy has a cross-industry character. Business rules that apply to party X in industry Y may be of interest to party A in industry B. The intention is to continuously come into contact with each other, share and multiply. As a result, the solutioncy grows organically to ever higher levels, with everyone being amazed at the possibilities of the six blocks.


If, like us, you believe that existing business processes need to be extremely simplified, then please become a part of our inspiring journey.