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Does this sound familiar to you?

Highly complex ICT landscape


Continuously changes in the environment


Time-to-market takes too much time, high costs and many errors


Millions of waste

ICT Parliamentary committee of inquiry

The current ICT situation hasn’t occurred out of the blue. In 2014/2015, the Dutch ICT sector was also getting negative publicity. It has even been the subject of a parliamentary inquiry led by Ton Elias, with this significant problem being discussed in the House of Representatives. Quote from the report of the parliamentary ICT committee: ‘One to five billion euros wasted each year in the Dutch government alone.’

To date, the problem has still not been fundamentally addressed and solved. Articles in the Dutch press about ICT failures are still commonplace.

The root problem

Many organisations have a complex ICT landscape. New business rules are being added all the time. These are the underlying government and business rules as a result of legislative changes, new market demands and reorganisations. These new business rules require changes in the ICT systems: additions, modifications and workarounds. As a result, the landscape is becoming more and more complex and the risk of error is increasing.

Employees of one department have no idea what the employees of another department are actually doing. The maintenance of the existing systems in the complex ICT landscape is done by the suppliers who have an interest in it. Also expensive external consultants are often used for this maintenance. In this way, there is a vicious circle in which the ICT landscape only becomes more complex.

An enormous amount of time and money is being lost. Millions wasted each year is the rule rather than the exception. You see this problem almost everywhere in all organisations: in government – as with the police and the Tax and Customs Administration -, in the healthcare sector and the business community – similar to banks, the temporary employment sector and in logistics. Indeed: everywhere.

What is lacking at the moment is an overarching approach to the bigger picture. Only then it will be possible to solve this enormous problem.


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