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To offer the government and the business community an integral overview of their business processes

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Complex ICT landscape


Inflexible systems


Fragmented knowledge


In addition legislative changes etc.

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The Facts

Many organisations have a complex ICT landscape. New business rules are added all the time. These are the underlying government and business rules due to changes in the law, new wishes from the market and reorganisations. These new business rules require changes in the ICT systems: additions, adjustments and workarounds. In this way, the landscape becomes increasingly complicated and the risk of errors increases.


As long as the current main systems of an organization support the business process, it usually goes well. However, new requirements and/or wishes often also involve specific customized aspects. These do not fully fit into the existing main systems, which means that workarounds are needed. The exact operation and applicability of these workarounds are generally only known to a specific group of employees.

As a result, the knowledge about the business processes is fragmented and departments do not connect well with each other. This results in working in ‘the delusion of the day’. This is not motivating for the employees.

In this way there is a vicious circle in which the ICT landscape only becomes more complex.


In this way, an enormous amount of time and money is lost. You see this problem in almost every organisation. In the government, such as the municipalities and the Tax Administration, in healthcare and in the business world, such as banks, the temporary employment industry and logistics.


At the moment, there is a lack of overview of the bigger picture. An integrated approach solves this problem. This is achieved by integrally connecting current modern technologies with a refreshing new philosophy including logical methods and techniques.

By simply allowing common sense to prevail, you will arrive at the best solutions together. Only then, in our opinion, is it possible to sustainably improve the current situation.

Do you want to exceed your own expectations in your organisation?