SixBlocks solution

Revolutionary rethinking in all business processes in government and business

Advantages for you:


Flexible response to all changes


Massive acceleration of time-to-market


Cost reduction of at least 30%


Foundation for new products, services and innovations

SixBlocks solution is an innovative new accessor with big international growth ambitions and significant importance in the fourth industrial revolution. With our extensive personal track record and intrinsic drivers, we are realising our mission and vision.

Our mission

The extreme simplification of existing business processes, making future changes simple and quick.

Our vision

A world where people can truly focus on their jobs, with pleasure and pride, instead of being busy with red tape.

Our Core Values


creativity – guts – pragmatic


complement – share – inspire


experiment – learn – be proud

Exceed expectations

The platform of SixBlocks solution is crucial and consists of six blocks. Business rules are the criteria and conditions within government and your organisation that guide your products and services. Within the platform each change in the business rules is modelled in the six blocks. This always fits and, in doing so, the employees exceed their own expectations and, above all, those of their stakeholders and customers.

That’s why our slogan is: Exceed expectations

With this principle the SixBlocks solution platform is, as it were, the IKEA of business rules. All organisations can quickly and easily set up their own business rules.

SixBlocks Solutioncy academy

With the SixBlocks solution platform we are innovating current consultancy- and IT services towards a solutioncy mindset.

On all devices


If, like us, you believe that existing business processes need to be extremely simplified, then please become a part of our inspiring journey.