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ICT Group and SixBlocks solution collaborate to combat complexity in administrative processes 

Read the full press release dated September 8, 2020.

“With our software development knowledge and experience, we can perfectly complement the challenge that SixBlocks solution is taking on in the market – and thus optimise effectiveness. The entrepreneurship and great ambition of Sixblocks and the structured project approach of the ICT Group provide a well-balanced basis for creating a successful product. With the reputation and professional organisation of ICT Group, we complement the conceptual vision and manoeuvrability of SixBlocks solution. This collaboration will certainly lead to a great and successful product.”

– Ad van Dongen – ICT Group Business unit manager High Tech

“The vision of SixBlocks solution based on the ‘Fix All Changes’ principle for business rules combines perfectly with the high-tech approach of ICT Group, which uses model-driven engineering techniques to keep complexity manageable right from the start of the project. This enables painless growth in client complex systems in the administrative market, thus strengthening ICT Group’s position. Our personal connection already became apparent in the preliminary phase. ICT Group and SixBlocks solution will no doubt make each other stronger and allow for continuous innovations in the field of technology, the market and people.”

– Frank van der Kruijssen – ICT Group Senior System Architect

“Our mission is to reduce the complexity of products, systems and services through user experience design. In the work we have done for healthcare, production, government and banking, all too often we have seen users having to adapt to systems where the manner of work is dictated and coded by the supplier. From a user experience perspective this is the world upside down, where the system controls the user.

In addition a lock-in with suppliers limits possibilities for change, causing waste in IT budget and negatively impacting the many UX integration concepts we envision with our customers.

SixBlocks wants to share knowledge, making sure organizations can program and support their own processes. In turn making others enthusiastic, creating an ‘oil stain’, an ever widening movement. We truly support the vision and leadership such an approach represents.

Therefore, we are pleased that SixBlocks recognises a synergy with FLO, where together we can create change through our focus on user experience.”

– Han Kohar – Founding partner and UX director