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SixBlocks solution: rethinking opportunities and possibilities, with six blocks

Holistic approach

One simple way of thinking and working for all organisations in government and business. This is what the SixBlocks solution offers, the number one revolution in re-thinking, for all business processes. Not only for primary business processes but also in the change management process. Because of this holistic approach, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

SixBlocks solution is a no-code platform for strategic
business development

The strategic business development determines the strategy of the organisation fort the short, medium and long term. The following areas of attention are relevant to both government and business:


Strategic solving of the legacy problem


Developing new products and services


Developing innovating market strategies for new customers/stakeholders

With the business rules approach the no-code platform SixBlocks solution supports the business developer to achieve his/her goals. In addition to new scalable revenue models, this directly results in the associated automated workflow management for all primary business processes.

The six blocks of SixBlocks solution

All business rules fit into the following six blocks:

1. Processes:
Detailed steps of the workflow management file, including audit trail
2. Events:
Historical recording of all changes, including audit trail
3. Tables:
Data definitions of all attributes
4. Validations:
Error and probability checks
5. Algorithms:
Formulas/algorithms for deriving results
6. Interfaces:
Connections to delivery systems and/or adjacent systems anywhere in the world, plus correspondence to the market

How it works

This always fits and, in doing so, the employees exceed their own expectations and, above all, those of their stakeholders and customers.
That’s why our slogan is: Exceed expectations


The Exceed expectations-methodology is based on a completely different way of thinking and working than has been previously established. This revolutionary way of thinking offers opportunities and possibilities for solutions that were not possible until now. No matter which change in the environment applies, the same principle of the same six blocks always applies.

The six blocks will be available in a single Business rules as a service-platform. These give highest priority to the high demands of the market with regard to sustainability, security, robustness, speed, robotisation and user friendliness.

Template per sector

All business rules in the six blocks are modelled for each sector of government and business. Within the platform there is a ‘street’ per sector for modelling, testing, acceptance and putting into production (= M-T-A-P) of the relevant business rules. They are implemented without a single modification of the software being necessary.

Business partners

Partners license the production version, for one or more sector models. The business rules are supplemented in the six blocks, specifically for the partner’s customer segment. Again, a M-T-A-P ‘street’ is available here and the business rules are implemented without a single modification of the software being required.

Implementing agencies

Implementing agencies license the production version for the partner model of their sector. The business rules are then fine-tuned in the six blocks for the company’s own portfolio. Again, a M-T-A-P ‘street’ is available and business rules are implemented without the need for any modification of the software.


The actual work of the implementing agency takes place in the production version of the agency. There are always two screens: workflow and history. These maintain the complete workflow management file and the complete history of the portfolio of the implementing agency, respectively.

App store

For all sectors, partners and agencies it is possible to create an app for every target group. These can be groups of, for example, internal employees or end customers. Each group has its own view and its own way of thinking and working. 

In the SixBlocks solution App store, each specific app can be realised quickly and easily. The data of the business rules and the operational portfolio are always the guiding factor. All changes that are made via an app, therefore, go directly into the data of SixBlock’s solution. All apps are thus ‘certified, powered and branded by SixBlocks‘.


If, like us, you believe that existing business processes need to be extremely simplified, then please become a part of our inspiring journey.