Your strategy, together with us

With you as implementing agency, business and/or ICT partner, we are creating an inspiring network organisation


In order to give substance to our mission and vision, we are convinced that the strategy of an inspiring network organisation is the best fit. Our customers are strategic business partners, business partners and implementing agencies. It is very important that the mission, vision and core values of SixBlocks solution fit well with those of our customers. Together we can learn from and inspire each other.

Step by step

The revolutionary way of rethinking to help you unravel your complex ICT landscape is not something that can be rolled out in one go. After all, your regular activities should continue as usual. That is why the new platform will be introduced in phases. This happens in a joint process in which the expertise in your organisation evolves step by step. SixBlocks solution has a unique approach for this in which your strategy is leading.

The first step: we will work for a short period of time with a small team of up to 5 people from your organisation. They will be prepared for the new situation: no more red tape. You determine at what pace and with which people the team can be expanded. We support you in this, carefully and thoughtfully.
The team and scope will get slightly larger each time, and in this way your organisation can grow risk-free up to the point where preparations have been 100% elaborated. Only then will the unravelling of your complex ICT landscape be scaled up. From that point on, the revolutionary way of rethinking will actually be rolled out. The people in your organisation will be able to truly focus on their job, with pleasure and pride, without being busy with all kinds of administrative red tape.

Implementing agency

The implementing agencies are our primary target group. They maintain the specific business rules for their own portfolio and thus respond proactively to all changes. One way of thinking and working ensures manoeuvrability, fast time-to-market, significantly lower costs and opportunities for new products, services and innovations. With our core values of entrepreneurship, connection and fun, the satisfaction of our customers’ employees, including their end customers, is the most important priority.

Business partners

The implementing agencies are inspired by our business partners. The holistic approach of SixBlocks solution enables them to find solutions for new products, services and innovations, in any sector, for any change. The business partners are the specialists; they model the business rules in the six blocks of SixBlock’s solution and convey them to the implementing agencies in their customer segment.

Strategic business partners

The revolutionary new way of thinking and working based on the Exceed expectations-principle is guaranteed by our strategic business partners. These specialists have a complete overview of all business rules per sector. In addition, they are familiar with the implementing agencies and business partners in the market. The strategic business partners have the capacity, together with SixBlocks solution, to certify the business partners that apply the rethinking methodology.


To maintain and further develop the technology of the platform, we are working together with various ICT parties that specialise in the integral platform, innovative software technology and UX design. We want to inspire our partners and customers to come up with smart, creative and innovative solutions for all market issues.


If, like us, you believe that existing business processes need to be extremely simplified, then please become a part of our inspiring journey.